Sunday, April 21, 2013

Q~ Quilt

I knew from the beginning of the challenge what I would write about when we reached the letter Q! This is my "runner/ survivor quilt"!

I would like to share  what it means to me. This quilt was made by a very special person in my life, our Aunt Judy. As you can see she is incredibly talented!
She asked me if I would like her to make me a quilt using my race t-shirts and of course I said yes!

Each t-shirt represents a very special time,  race and the people who were involved. I won't lie, giving them up was a little bit of a struggle as  they all carry wonderful memories for me.

Now, I have them all in one place! I snuggle up under it everyday and love looking at the beautiful work that went into making this quilt as well as all the memories it holds for me.
Thank you Aunt Judy!
I hope to start a new collection of race t-shirts soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thank you Elayne for the kind words, Judy

What a wonderful, inspiring quilt! And a truly precious gift! Emily


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