Monday, April 29, 2013

X is for X-TERRA

This is the same title of the post I wrote last year with a different story. The link below is part 1 of this post.

 Less than a year later I was able to get my "dream car"! I realize it may not be many people's first choice for a car and maybe not even a "girlie" car, but it is a perfect match for me.
We live an active lifestyle and need a vehicle that can tow boats, hold kayaks and bikes on the roof and room in the back to pack up gear. This car does it all!
The day after we received my great test results my husband took the X-TERRA and had a heavy duty hitch put on it. We are ready for summer now!
I wondered where the name X-Terra came from and here is what I found
From Wikipedia.The ironic part is before I knew this was the car I hoped to own one day I also have two passions; first to return to Hawaii as much as possible and two, to complete a Triathlon. Who knows maybe both in Maui.

XTERRA is a series of off-road triathlon races, i.e. three-sport races which include swimming, mountain biking, and trail running. The XTERRA Global Tour is owned and produced by TEAM Unlimited. The XTERRA race series is the best-known series of off-road triathlons, and is considered by most to be the de facto world championship of the sport.[citation needed]
It began in 1996 on the Hawaiian island of Maui as the Aquaterra, and was later renamed the XTERRA. The Japanese company Nissan Motors Corporation named their popular sport utility vehicle (the Nissan Xterra) in 1999 after the race and was the race series' primary sponsor from 1998 to 2006, when the two companies parted ways.[1]


photo by elayne M.

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