Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z- Zip-Lining

Last summer my husband and I took a trip to the San Juan Islands in Washington State. An amazing trip filled with lots of fun, adventures and  outdoor activities.
We kayaked with whales, we rode bikes around the Island, hiked and took a Ferry to the other surrounding Islands.

One of the highlights of the trip was our first time to go Zip-lining! It was so much  fun climbing up the first tree to get started and then zipping through the forest and over water to get from tree to tree! I wish we could have gone twice, we were just getting warmed up!

We had to learn a lot in a short amount of time.How to wear and put on your equipment, the dangers and safety rules while zip-lining, to watch for the guides hands so you know when to do certain things before "landing", and how to land in a tree!

As we all seemed more and more comfortable they began to give us options like letting go, spinning, and jumping off backwards. I tried them all and they were all fun. I was grateful that this experience was fun and I did not feel afraid.

Don't our lives seem to be similar to many of the experiences we had that day? Sometimes we have to cram a lot of information into a very small amount of time whether we are ready or not!

Sometimes we have to trust people we do not know and even put our lives in  their hands. Hope that they get us from "tree to tree".
Sometimes we have to take risks, some are fun and some not so much. Sometimes to take the risk it is well worth the outcome at the end.

I am now finished another year in the A~Z Challenge and just about to finish my chemotherapy! The challenge, like the zip-line has been fun. I have crammed a lot in a short period of time but it has all been worth it!
The chemo was a risk I took, trusting my "guides" to get me from "tree to tree" and the risk was, in the end worth it as my tests have shown "No Evidence of Disease"!
I do believe it is now time to get back to some of these great adventures once again!
Thanks to all of you that have followed along and prayed for me and my family.I hope to meet up again with you next year in the A~Z challenge!

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Faith Laces said...

I'm so scared of heights I don't think I'd be able to do zip lining but I love your comparison!

Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge AND finishing chemo!


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