Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Isolation is often a difficult part of going through any long term or chronic illness. Along with chemotherapy your immune system is being greatly compromised. This often leads to a lot more time at home, away from all the "normal" activities of your day and people.

There tends to be  fears of being alone while out somewhere, driving or even making plans to get together with people.Fear of  being hit instantly with nausea, pain or tremendous fatigue. They can all come on in just seconds. There is definitely anxiety with all this. So it becomes easier to be isolated which I have found changes you.

I have been thinking about how this has somewhat turned me from an extrovert personality to more of an introvert and why. I knew isolation  would be an issue and tried to prepare for it. If I am not out doing my regular daily activities and don't feel well, what do I do during this period in my life? After all, I'm not good at this alone stuff.

 I do  try to go and do when I feel good and "tag team", having someone with me that understands our plans may change in an instant or not happen at all. Here is where you loose a lot of independence, in having to depend on others for so many things. It is quite difficult.

By nature I am a people person, don't typically like spending long periods of time alone.Could never understand how someone could spend a day reading or crocheting, doing projects or watching movies by themselves. Well, I have become one of those people. I think I have, maybe temporarily, become an introvert through this isolation.
I do look forward to getting back to more of my extrovert life soon!  I will admit, I hope I still enjoy this new me I have discovered on this part of my journey.

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Racn4acure said...

I think I am somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert, because I like some alone time and am content to spend a day reading a good book or hiking by myself, but then I also enjoy being around people (and would rather hike with someone more often than not). Well said. Boy, I sure remember those chemo days of being alone so much during the day. I got tired of my own company, that's for sure (plus I was usually too ill to read). Art


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