Thursday, April 4, 2013

Well that's kind of Dissapointing

I planned to write about Dignity tonight and just could not find the words.

Then I started to notice little tiny hairs falling out...again. I am nearing the end of this chemotherapy, with 5 more to go. My hair fell out 2 weeks after chemo began. Then, it started growing back! Much to my delight and surprise. I didn't know your hair can grow back during treatment, but it can! It can also fall back out, which it is, much to my disappointment.

Just yesterday my friend and I were out shopping and I pulled off my hat in the car to proudly show her my "hair" that was really growing! I looked over and saw a woman smiling and she waved to us. Apparently she witnessed my hat removal and got a kick out of it too.
So much for Dignity :)


Racn4acure said...

Hi there! I remember having some hair grow near the end of chemo. I worried that it meant that the chemo was not working. After all, if it showed mercy to hair cells, was it showing mercy to cancer cells as well? But the oncologist said that was not the case, and obviously, he is right. You are looking good, Elayne! Art

Faith Laces said...

Well, I think you look great!

Ronni Gordon said...

My hair fell out and grew back in so many times I lost count. I remember, like you, feeling so proud of my new little sprouts. Don't worry, your hair will come back again, and by the way, you look great!


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