Tuesday, April 16, 2013

M~ Marathon Monday

The Boston Marathon! The mother of all Marathons. The race every runner hopes to qualify for and participate in. Marathon day is exciting, filled with hope, enthusiasm, thousands of people there to run or cheer on the runners from the sidelines. The city streets shut down and our first responders are there and ready! We runners need all of you! The cheers coming from family, friends and strangers lifts our spirits and keeps us going. You are a vital part in a marathon!
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 As a half and full marathon runner myself, there are many things you think about on race day. Am I going to make it? 26.2 miles...that's a long way to run. But, you have trained and your strong..you are ready! Do I have everything I need? Did I forget something? Am I hydrated, did I drink too much? These are the things we think about.

Sometimes we joke and say, I'm crossing that finish line even if I have to walk, crawl or roll across it. I'm finishing!

What we as runners NEVER thought about, until yesterday, was being knocked off our feet  at the finish line, having the moment of victory co inside with the moment of terror. Being attacked! NOT finishing because bombs are exploding  and those very people who stood and cheered the runners as they approached the finish line..a moment of triumph, victory, are now hurt, bleeding, dying. That our first responders would be called to a "war zone" instead of the typical calls they get of dehydration, people collapsing from fatigue or sprained ankles and hurt knees. No, we didn't worry about loosing our feet and legs or dying at a marathon.

These Boston runners trained for up to a year preparing for this day, Patriots day! Knowing the mindset of a marathon runner I have no doubt that runners will continue to participate in races of all kinds...everywhere! I look forward to that day when I can rejoin my fellow runners once again.

I was born in Boston, lived outside of Boston for my first 15 years. It's where I grew up. My family lives there and several were at the race yesterday. Thankfully, all are fine. That sadly is not what all family members can say today. My thoughts and prayers are with you Boston!
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loverofwords said...

Thank you for this post. I know when my sister was in Ireland in 2001 after 9/11, the Irish were so kind, came up to them to express their condolences and prayers. Here you are with your battle, taking the time to post this.

Faith Laces said...

This post was a great tribute to Boston.

During a marathon the crowds are so supportive and motivating. What happened is so senseless and tragic.

Racn4acure said...

I, as I am sure the vast majority of people are, am sickened by what happened there. It is just horrible, beyond horrible, really - and so terribly sad.

Susanne said...

It's terrible whereever it happens, but it must be awful to see it happen to your home town. So glad your family is ok. My prayers are with Boston too.


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