Monday, April 30, 2012

Y is for Yin Yoga

As I have continually looked for different disciplines that help me get through the day to day as a stage 4 cancer survivor there has been one practice in particular I have come to love.
The class is called Yin Yoga. We practice holding poses for anywhere from one to five minutes. During this time your concentration should be on breathing and relaxing into the stretch or pose without having "monkey brain". Your thoughts should remain focused on your breath.
I have found the discipline of holding, sometimes difficult poses for prolonged periods of time while keeping your concentration focused has been so helpful.
I have found  my strength, flexibility and endurance have greatly improved. Not just in yoga class but in other sports as well like swimming and biking.
The mental discipline has also been incredibly helpful especially during times of tests and treatments. When  you have to lie still for long periods of time having MRI's, Pet Scans and the like done, the practice of Yoga comes in very handy to help you relax and concentrate.
I walk away every time feeling less stress and anxiety than I felt when I walked into my Yin Yoga class.

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