Sunday, April 15, 2012

N is for N words

I  decided I do not like the letter N tonight. My mind has gone blank. So, I asked people for words that begin with the letter N. Hoping to be inspired by one of them. Instead I have found this to be quite amusing.

Ok, all you late night FB ppl. I am having trouble coming up with topics to write about for the A~Z blog challenge. Please give me a word, topic or sentence that begins with the letter N....I have 45 min to write it! Help! The conversation goes like this....
    • K says~ Nothing, Naked, Nucleus, Neon, Neo-Nazi, Nepotism, Nightrider, Nark, Nerd, Nacarat, Nainsook, Narcohypnia, Narcolepsy, Narthex, Nephrolith, Nervine, Notonectal...any of these help??? ;-)
    • Me~ you looked on-line, those are not your words...LOL! Or, Nikki gave them to you :)
      Nainsook, what the heck is that??

    • K say~  Nainsook is "fine cotton fabric..." ;)
    • Me~Trying not to wake up dad laughing!!
    • K says~Or you could write on Neovitalism, the theory that total material explanation is impossible...???
    • Me~ What???
    •  T says~ What about being a " nonna" / grandma?!!!
    • Me~ I figured people might be tired of my Nonna pride by now, but a great topic non the less :))
    • T says~  No way people could get tired of it! It's one of life's most amazing blessings! 
    • K chimes back in~"None-the-less" is an 'N' word as well...
      L joins in~I like nightrider!Or nighttime! Lol 
      KC joins in~ Kevin's words crack me up!! What about "nightly" or "night time" something you enjoy doing in the evenings?
    •  L~says~ Never give up...That could be a word! :-)
    • and from the cell phone peanut gallery there was....Nutrition, Nuisance, nosepickers, nostalgia, neighbor, nerve, NED, new,Nerd, niceties,northern, nakedness and a few I will not write!
    • And thank you BIG NANCY!!! 


Maryann said...

You can never do too much of the Nonna pride. This was entertaining

Sharkbytes said...

Love the sounds of a pile of alliterative words! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

nutschell said...

so many n words!
Happy A-Zing!


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