Saturday, April 28, 2012

T is for Tikis at Twilight

It looks like I will be posting the remainder of the challenge all at once. I have kept up with it, from a hand written note pad while on a week long camping trip. 

My husband and I have been living in the great outdoors enjoying this beautiful spring weather!
As many of our camping trips go, this one did not go as planned right from the start. Our plan to camp at a new campground at Lake Arbuckle in Oklahoma was abruptly changed to a campground much closer to home. More on that story in a following post.
Needless to say our unplanned trip that should have taken 45 minutes took us 7 hours from start to finish. The finish being camper set up, sitting in our comfy camping chairs mesmerized by the lake with the initial sigh "ahhhh".
This is that perfect time of day, right before it gets dark, at Twilight. Just the right moment to light the Tiki's.

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Jeremy Bates said...

Ah, Tike lights. There's just something so relaxing and romantic about them, especially when they are near the ocean.


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