Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H~ is for Hope,Help & Headaches

I am a day late with my post for the letter H due to a headache that kept me from writing yesterday.These headaches are all too familiar right now for me as they have been a constant in my life for the past few months.

I have had scans, MRI's, and tests done by my oncologist. Tried several different medications from my neurologist for the headaches and migraines. None have been successful.

 It was time to look at some different options to get some help and relief. I am currently doing De-compression therapy at the chiropractor. It has helped tremendously with the pain I had in my spine from the cancer, radiation, spinal stenosis and protruding disks. However, no help for the headaches.

Yesterday, I  had blood drawn at a local lab to have a test done called the Mediator Release Test  (MRT).This is an extensive test that will help identify food and food-chemical allergies and sensitivities. From those results a restrictive diet will follow to eliminate those foods that may be causing symptoms and help to reduce inflammation.
We are anxiously awaiting these test results with hope for some answers and help with these headaches.....to be continued with results.

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Kimberly Barillas-Tilley said...

Here's hoping those headaches go away sooner rather than later!


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