Sunday, April 22, 2012

S is for Swimming to Antartica...Tales of along distance swimmer

Each year I a participate in the A~Z challenge I like to suggest a book or two I have read that has influenced my life in some way.
Since I decided to take a little break fom running and returned to my love of swimming I felt this book would be appropriate for this year.
Legendary  swimmer Lynn Cox does a wonderful job at not only engaging you in this sports memior but also fills the pages with descriptions of all the people, places and events that take place during this time in her life.

This is a story that will inspire, teach and touch you. My husband and I both read it and couldn't put it down. I hope you pick up a copy and enjoy this book as much as we did!

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Jeremy Bates said...

Yes, swimming is better exercise, but running gets you cranked up! Do you also run 'Turkey Trot' on Thanksgiving Day down by City Hall? It's pretty cool.


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