Saturday, April 14, 2012

M~ is for a Man Missed Much

Today I wanted to share about a very special man we all miss very much. This man was my father-in-law Ed, and today was his birthday.

I met Ed when I was 15 years old and was just a neighborhood kid that drove him crazy! I am sure he wondered why I was always at their house. If I wasn't there I had this terrible habit of calling during dinner time, 6:00 on the nose! He would answer the phone and ask me " Clink ( my nickname he called me) what time is it"? I would say 6:00, then he would hang up. It really is kind of funny looking back on it now.

As a teenager we all thought he was so much fun. He took us out on his sailboat, water skied with us, went camping together and so much more.

One of my favorite memories was Ed coming out on Christmas morning wearing his red Christmas gown and stocking hat! He loved making sugar cookies with my mother-in-law Lois. Every year we all received lots of delicious cookies. I will always remember the day Ed, myself and friend Schmitty all baked cookies together. We were all covered in flour and frosting by the end. Whenever he baked he put a dab on his nose and ours :) 

Ed absolutely loved his family and looked so forward to any and all family get togethers. He was a man that always wanted to know what was going on in your life and was genuinely interested.

Our family is huge and he played such a big part in all of our lives. There have been a few great-grandchildren he was never able to meet. Our grandson Liam is one of them.So, we plan to tell Liam all about his great-grandparents and how much Great-Grandpa M would have loved him.

He collected wind-chimes and had lots of them on his porch. We now hang  one of his bells on our back  porch. Every time I bring Liam out there I hold him up, he grabs the bell as I say "Liam, ring the bell, say I love you to great-grandpa.He holds the bell and swings it back and forth, making it ring nice and loud. With a big smile on his face  he looks up at the bell towards heaven, where this special man that is missed by so many now lives.

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Emily Minich said...

Wha a beautiful tribute, Elayne!


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