Sunday, April 29, 2012

U is for Under the water

From the moment we arrived and I stared across the lake I thought to myself "I have to swim across that".

 Where we live swimming in April is considered a bit too cold and maybe a bit crazy for swimming. For me, it's the perfect time of year to swim. Yes, that first step in the water is cold, refreshingly cold. Next is the moment you either tip toe in, tourchering yourself or just dive in and under! The latter is my preference.
While we sat staring at the lake on Thursday I said to  my husband "this is it, this is the time for my swim". Unquestionably an odd time for me to take this challenge on. It was later in the afternoon, I was tired, and we had just finished an underestimated 8 mile mountain bike trail ride. was the perfect time. The water was calm, no boats whizzing past. It was now or never. As I got ready, swim suit..goggles..towel...water, my husband got the kayak and himself ready.

                      Off I went, taking that first plunge under the water.

 Trying to keep the kayak on  my right side so I wouldn't wander off course. I wandered. Swimming to the left, to the right, into the kayak, into the paddle, maybe even in a circle. Oh well, I couldn't see a thing under water and aiming for "a tree" when the whole shoreline is treed is harder than it looks.

However, with my hubby's guidance and a few taps with the paddle I made it across and back! Every now and then as I was swimming I would look down and wonder " what is under the water"? No...don't think about that, just keep swimming!

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