Thursday, March 13, 2008

update # 8 on 11-26-07

Family & Friends~ Thank you for all the prayer support and help for me and our family. I have already had my first treatment of Herceptin ( given every 3 weeks) and today I began the next 10 rounds of radiation. This time to the spine. Overall I have handled all the treatments very well and my energy is good right now.
I do expect these next 2 weeks will be tough with the radiation, and another treatment of Herceptin. I would like to continue to ask for prayer over these next weeks, especially on Thursday when I will have another chest X ray done to check my lungs. Please pray hard on this one.
We are doing well and appreciate all of you!

Here I am again Lord in the same place as before, and I am asking you to "do it again".

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