Thursday, March 20, 2008

Test results and changes

The last couple of days have been very busy with doctors apts. and tests. I had an MRI of the brain which came back normal ~ I still have a brain and it still works :)
The next test was a muga scan to check the heart which did not come back ok. They then sent me for an echocardiagram and between the 2 tests they are showing a decrease in the function (pumping) of the heart.
My blood pressure remains high, most likely for this reason. I am now being sent to a cardiologist and being taken off my treatments of Herceptin.
There could be a few reasons for this change with my heart but the doctor says the most likely one is that the chemo from many years ago damaged the heart and the herceptin added to the damage. His words were " having a wound and rubbing salt on it".
Besides being a little tired right now, I feel pretty good ~ today :) Will write again after I see the cardiologist and talk to my doctor about what to now do for treatment.
He said he does not feel at this time that I need to do chemo because my tumor markers are good as well as the last set of scans.
PRAYER REQUEST~ please pray that we get the blood pressure under control soon and for discernment for the doctors and Chris & I about treatment. Also, that there is no permanent or serious damage to the heart.
Thanks everyone for your comments you have left, e-mails and prayers! And thanks to my friend Donise that drove me to all these apts. the last few days and spent her spring break doing so.


christie said...

Hey Elayne, I just figured out you have a different blog than the other one. duh....

I kept checking and couldn't find your blogs... now I know where to click. :)

We will pray for you and the doctors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to share with us and others who may need the encouragement you offer. Although you may not feel it you are a blessing to each of us who know you. You are a source of inspiration for those of us who feel our path is tough. We are continually praying for you. Continue to be "Strong and Courageous" and remember that God will send his angels to surround you. When you hear the rustling of the leaves in the trees . . . know that He is there for you!

Love and Prayers,
Billy and Donise

Elayne said...

Friends like you ARE the angels God sends to surround me.
Thank you ~ Elayne

Anonymous said...

Dearest Elayne,Guess that the doctors are finally getting to the root of the problem.  Only God knows why it takes sooo long.  May your angels keep you safe and would like to be considered for your Angeldom, (is that a word?) Sending my LOVE and wishing you all a Happy Easter. Please rest when you can.  Much love, JoAn

Anonymous said...

Hi Elayne:
Your on that path of wondering whats next and worrying that you may miss something. I was there once too. Trust me it will pass.......

We are very fortunately that all these test are available - in some way its a double edge sword - your always waiting for RESULTS.....

Chemo therapy does damage the heart and usually the lungs tooo.

My heart function is < 80% and my lung function is 60%..... I think many of us who have had to do this type of treatments are in the same boat.

All I can say is think possitive thoughts.... We are still here!!!!!! And with the wonderful meds and Drs. We are most fortunate.....

I think the heart and lung thing is like someone who looses a kidney, an eye, or even a lung, eventually our bodies adapt and become OK.......

Its hard not to be perfectly fit and strong - but God willing you will be back to your old self.

Hang in there.

Love Robin

Anonymous said...

That picture of you on the blog is a great one. You are so in my prayers and thoughts. Love you! - Cindy

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed our time together this week. I learned so much just watching you navigate all of your many tests and doctors visits. I have come to realize that I need to advocate for myself when it comes to my medical care.

My prayer is that the next time we have a "girls" night out, we are running:)

Your are in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love,


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