Thursday, March 13, 2008

update #7 on 10-18-07

Hi everyone~ my blood work came back about the same. Everything looks ok,
> tumor markers are still high but stable. No significant increase.
> MRI of the spine shows that the area that was in question on the PET
> scan is most likely also a tumor. It is smaller than the one on the rib
> about (1x1) and not effecting the spinal cord. I have decided to have
> about another 10 or 15 treatments on this area as well. It will begin
> after November 4th along with the start of Herceptin and a few other things
> which will be used as systemic therapy.
> The pleural effusion ( fluid on the lung) was also noted again on the MRI
> and the doctor could hear a difference in my breathing on the right side
> vs. the left today. Although I
> don't really feel much of a difference.
> Running 13 miles is starting to look easy:) I have a couple of weeks to rest from the biopsy &radiation and continue preparing for the Dallas half marathon
> The Minichs
> Words from a song by Greg Long ~
> There is trouble on every side but I'm
> not broken, I have been struck down but
> I'm not destroyed, my hope is in the Lord. Through the healing stages, I will stand courage

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