Thursday, March 13, 2008

update # 6 on 10-4-07

Hi everyone ~
Thank you for the prayer support on the X Ray. Thankfully there was nothing new. The pain in my chest is from damage done to the nerve during the bone biopsy. The fluid is still there but has not changed, so no better, but no worse. It is actually not in the lung but in the sack or pocket right under the lung. For those of you that understand the medical terms it is called "pleural effusion". The doctor said it may "resolve itself". Please be in prayer that this happens and it goes away.

Otherwise, I have completed 8 radiation treatments and am half way through. I did decide to stop taking the pain meds. as it was causing too many side effects. Please also pray that the pain will be alleviated soon.

Last but not least for prayer requests, you all know how important being able to participate in and complete the half marathon in November is to me and Chris both. What began as a challenge has now become much more. I am praying for the strength and energy to continue training for and running this marathon for our "sweet Jim". I ask for your prayer support in this as well.

Thank you ~ Elayne & Chris


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