Thursday, March 13, 2008

update # 13 on 2-17-08

Want to fill everyone in on how things are going so far with Elayne's treatment and progress and to discuss some of the mentioned upcoming events in March. So far she has had 25 radiation treatments, 5 Herceptin treatments, 2 lupron injections and tamoxifen daily. All of this over the past 5 months has taken it's toll on her both emotionally and physically. She has basically "hit the wall" and is having trouble with anxiety and panic attacks, along with numerous physical problems that may affect her treatments.. We are working with her doctors to adjust all the medications to help her through this time. Along with fighting the cancer they have thrown her into a very fast medical menopause that cannot be treated with conventional treatments (hormones). We did find out this week that her tumor markers are all back in normal range which is great!

So, for the time being her doctors have told us that this is a time for rest, healing and no stress.
I hope everyone understands how difficult this time is for Elayne and our family. Prayers, E-mails, cards, calls and short visits are all welcomed and appreciated. The encouragement and prayer support do help her.

Thanks for your understanding~ Chris & Elayne

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