Thursday, March 13, 2008

update # 11 on 1-15-08

Hello friends & family!
Hope you all are having a happy New Year. Thought I would send out a note about what we are up to here in Texas. I guess our newest news is that we just celebrated Kevin's 21rst birthday on Saturday. All the guys were here along with Kevin's girlfriend Niki for uncle Jim's famous jalapeno burgers and cake. Kevin moved into an apartment the day after Christmas and has been utilizing "Craigs list" to furnish it. He received a promotion at Dallas Semiconductor and now has his own insurance, benefits and they are even going to pay for school for him! He is taking 12 hours at TWU this semester along with working full time. He is VERY happy with his girlfriend Niki, they have been together for 7-8 months now. She is a very sweet person.
Matt is taking 17 hours at UTD and working part time at CVS. He put in his 2 week notice yesterday so he can concentrate on school. After he completes 30 hours he is eligible to study abroad with his scholarship. He is leaning towards either Ireland or Scotland. He and Kevin are in a band together and have 3 concerts/ events coming up. He sings and plays guitar & keyboards. Kevin plays drums and they practice here :(
Tim is working full time at Prime Controls and finishing up his last couple of classes to graduate from UTD. He lives in an apartment down the road from Kevin, and Matt spends about 3 nights a week out there with them. They all play basketball at UTD a couple nights a week. They are good brothers :)
Chris and I are still running. We are keeping up with 12 miles a week, with a 6 mile run on Saturdays. Our time is greatly improving and I hope to be able to train for a marathon. I have not yet convinced Chris to train with me :) He said, "I bet Cindy and Carla would do that with you " :) Chris worked out a much needed "get-away" weekend for us to Beehouse, Texas. His friend has a house in the middle of nowhere on several hundred acres with two 4 wheelers ( my favorite part)! That is coming up next weekend.
I have my 4th herceptin treatment tomorrow and am over all feeling pretty good. I would like to ask for prayer for tomorrow's treatment and discernment on wether or not to begin a new drug that helps strengthen the bones but also has some possible serious side effects.
Thank you again and please feel free to call or e-mail anytime, it helps to hear from all of you! Have a HAPPY, HEALTHY New Year!
From our family ~ Elayne, Chris & guys! The Minichs

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