Friday, April 29, 2011

y~ Years ahead

This week I have been reminded once again of how God has answered our prayers over these very difficult years. Thirteen years with cancer and the last four with it being considered "non-curable".
So, what does that mean for someone like me and my future years? How do I plan? How do I dream? What do I pray for? How do I remain hopeful?

I plan to be here as long as God chooses for me to be. I dream about short term goals and long term goals. It has taken me quite some time to have any comfort level at all about thinking into the future. I pray that God will continue to show me what His plans are for me, and my Hope is in Him,Yahweh.

He has once again answered our prayers and brought this little boy into  my life. My first grandchild, who is right now growing big and strong in his mama's belly. Before I knew he was a boy, I dreamed about swimming with him. There were snakes in the canal where we swimming  ( I am a swim instructor, so this job has already been assigned to me, yeah! :). I,in the dream was scared but he was brave and strong!

So, how do I think about the years to come? With hope, with faith and with joy as I consider  how much more there is to do and how much more God wants me to do. I think about being a grandparent and all the wonderful and exciting things to do and teach to this brave and strong little boy!
My husband and I have prayed all these years to be grand-parents and Great grandparents. I pray that this is just the start of many years with all of my future grandchildren.


Kim said...

You, my dear, get the inspiration award today! Thank you!

You will love being a grandma! When I was going through chemo my little guy was growing strong in his mommy's tummy. My focus on the tough days was the image of running hand in hand up and down hills.

I also am so excited to hear that you signed up for monthly writing workshops.--AWESOME!

My prayer today is that you and I will meet in person to share a prayer, a hug and some laughter!

Blessings on your weekend!

doreen said...

What a beautiful inspiration you are. I will pray for you every day:)
You will love being a grandmom. They are such a blessing.
I cannot believe you lost your brother on 4/26 also. You are right it does not get easier.
God bless you and have a great weekend!

kimberly said...

Here's to many more years of good health and many more grandchildren!
Blessings from the stupid desert~

Anonymous said...

You got many many many years ahead of you Mom! My lil guy is gonna love his grandma to death! I'm worried about him getting spoiled by you guys. I better be careful. 5 months and we all get to meet my beautiful strong son! I never knew how much you could love someone you have never met until now. It is a great feeling. I know you loved me that much when I was growing in you, and I love you that much now. :) Love you Mom...



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