Friday, April 8, 2011

G~ Grandparents

My sons still talk about those special memories they had when they were younger with all of their grandparents.
From swimming at G&G Ski's house with all their cousins to sneaking more Dr. Peppers than they were supposed to have.
The funny times when G&G Ski would come over on Halloween to help us "haunt the house". Grandpa Ski even played along as a scary monster sitting under a tree and scaring the kids who dared to poke him to see if he was real.

Each summer the boys traveled to Tulsa to spend a week at G&G Minichs. These grandparents, sadly are no longer with us but the memories will be there forever.
Like G&G M. opening up a world of different experiences for them. From the musical "Oklahoma" to photographing the buffalo and visiting with a local artist. And who can forget "the camper ghost" with Grandpa M. or helping at meals on wheels with Grandma M.
We now find ourselves getting ready to take on this role of Grandparents to our first grandchild who will be here in October! We look forward to loving and creating new and special memories with each of our grandkids!

At age 34 I prayed God would let me raise my kids and be here till they were grown. At age 43, when my kids were all grown, I prayed I would be here to see them get married. At age 46, we have skipped right to praying to live to be 96 and be Great-Grandparents!


Retired Knitter said...

My kids are late to getting married and having children. In fact, my son, (age 37) is just now engaged. She is 29. So grandchildren are a possibility. I just hope at 64 I keep up my energy and zest for life so I can be an active grandma... I am working on just that - not for the grandchildren I might have, but for myself.

Claire Goverts said...

What wonderful memories for you and your kids with their grandparents. And congratulations on your soon to be grandchild, how exciting.

Elayne said...

Retired Knitter~ good for you! You will be very happy you are active if/when that grandbaby comes :)

Claire~ thank you! A whole new world for all of us.

Thanks for stopping by A-Z!


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