Monday, April 11, 2011


Following up my post on "Home" comes the letter I for INTENSE! Spring has arrived in Texas and with it comes our spring storms.
We were woken up at 1 AM last night to the sounds of hail pounding against the glass and strong winds. The power was out and the only light we all had was from our cell phones. In this part of the country you have a designated spot to take cover in the case of tornadoes. This storm had all the makings of a tornado with the hail, winds that sound like a train coming, green skies and the outside moving around in all different directions.

We grabbed our cat, dog, pillows and blankets and headed for the pantry, our "shelter". The storm came and went quickly, but left our yard in shambles.
We all went outside to evaluate the damage. Several of the neighbors were outside as well. Fortunatly all the damage was to the yards. No homes or people were hurt that I am aware of.

Our backyard was hit the hardest. We lost 2 trees. The first one was planted for me on my first Mothers day when we moved in 13 years ago. This tree has always been special to me. It was not just my first Mothers day in our new house, it was also my first year with cancer. The tree has always represented life to me. As I sit here and write this I am looking outside at what is left of it. It is battered and torn but...still standing! Maybe a better way to look at it.
 I also lost my wooden chair swing..also a Mothers day present from many years ago with so  many special memories.
 Our tree landing in several neighbors yards. I am sure they just love that!

 The winds were so strong, the tops of the onions in the garden were torn right off. The yard smelled of onions when we were out there at 1 AM.
 The second tree split right and half, crushing the swing.

I~ is for the Intense Texas spring storms! My daughter-in-law (to be) just left me a message with the word "INSANE"! I think that fits as well today.


Kim said...

Oh Elayne...what a bummer about the storm and the damage. I am so sorry about your tree. Hopefully this will be your only storm for the season!

Zoanna said...

I'm so sorry about your losses, and yet what hope must well up in your heart to see the special one still standing after its trial. I would guess God is showing you a lot through this experience. (Having survived a Kansas tornado as a child, I have GREAT fear of them and what would happen if our 100 foot trees would get struck down.)

Elayne said...

Kim~ I too hope this is the only storm this season :)

Zoanna~ thanks for stopping by!Yes, God continually shows me many things throughout all of this. Usually in ways I never expect and always with hope.

Jonna said...

oh man! I can't believe it! So sorry to see all the damage. That was a rought night!!


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