Monday, April 25, 2011

S~ Socks and Surprises!!

I have a few letters to catch up on with the A-Z challenge. Letters S & T will explain why I am behind.

This past weekend was spent with my family at the lake celebrating 2 Special birthdays. My husbands 50th and my youngest son's 21rst!

This is where SOCKS and SURPRISES comes in! My husband, Chris is always asking me ( before he heads off to bed) "do I have any black socks for tomorrow"? Well, sometimes I can answer yes and...well, mostly not. Either way, it is an on-going question here. One night I said "you are going to end up with 50 pairs of black socks for your birthday"! He said "good"!

It was now time to decide what to do for his 50th birthday. A surprise party, a big get-together with everyone, a vacation?? We talked about it and decided a weekend at the lake with the kids would be perfect. However, I really wanted him to know how much everyone loves and appreciates him. So, with the help of Many of his family and friends, we were able to collect and sneak bags full of black socks to the lake!

Saturday night, after a surprise fajitas dinner ( his favorite) that was catered in, us girls set all the gifts out for Chris to open. One by one he opened his presents! First one, black socks, he laughs, second one, black socks, he looks curious, and on and on till he reaches 60 pairs of BLACK SOCKS!! It was fun watching him open them up and reading who had sent each pair. He was defiantly surprised and we all got a good laugh!  Thank you to everyone who was there in "Spirit" and helped make this a Black Sock Surprise Birthday!!                                          

             "I will never complain about anything ever again"!!~ Chris


Jonna said...

lol!! That was timely! ; )

KC Kendricks said...

All those socks! Love it! What a neat idea. I hope I remember it when my guy hits his next milestone birthday.

Just stopping by on my way around the A-Z Challenge blogs :)

Kim said...

That was an awesome surprise!!How fun!!


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