Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kim likes Kefir and.....

Tonight I felt stumped with the letter K. Nothing sounded good. I decided to call on the FaceBook friends and asked what their favorite word, book, movie,place, etc. is that begins with the letter K? A few good suggestions, but I have to say Kim's answer was too good not to use..thanks Kim!

Kim likes Kefir and kabobs but not ketchup and looking through a kaleidoscope in Kalamazoo but stay away from kryptonite while watching Kite Runner in Kansas which only has Kangaroos in zoos where kerosene is not often used and karaoke is a...n ear killer and kit kat candy bars are popular and Kim recalls Katowice, Poland where there wasn't anyone Kayaking at the time and nobody had a Koran like they have in Kazakstan but don't play a kazoo while wearing Keds in the kennel with a kernal keepsake and making one long sentence is the key.
Thanks to the Kindness of some friends I didn't miss the letter K .


Kim said...

Your K made me giggle...which is always a good thing!

Retired Knitter said...

Excellent post. Very inventive.

garden.lady215 said...

This post made me smile...great way to start the morning.


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