Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P~ Personl Training

This is a fun topic for me as it is my passion as well as my profession! Teaching and training people of all ages and levels is such a rewarding job.
From my "Little Swimmers" as young as 1 year all the way up to the women in my boot camps and running classes.
There are always success stories for each person as they conquer their own goals, fears, battles and victories. Be them large or small, they do it!
After nearly 30 years of teaching swimming and 7 years of training there are many success stories. Here are just a few recent ones.

Little 3 year old Sarah who accidentally fell in her home pool was able to swim back to the side and pull herself out after learning this skill in our swim class!

Vicki, started out as a student in our 5k learn to run class. In just several months she went on to complete her first half marathon!

Seeing the excitement on the runners faces as they cross the finish line at their first 5k!

Watching the "trickle down effect" as  my clients teach and involve their family and friends!

I am so blessed to be able to work with and teach so many people of all ages and physical backgrounds. There are days, like my clients have, that are harder for me than others with many side effects to deal with. However I believe it helps keep me strong, healthy and committed as I continue to fight my own battles and reach my own personal goals.
P is for Personal Training~


Kim said...

I love your blog post--I have often thought about becoming a personal trainer...but....
Keep up the great job of encourageing others in their wellness walk!

Karen Walker said...

I so need someone like you in my life. I have never been athletic nor physically fit. I lost 50 pounds a few years ago and have kept them off, but exercise? Hate it. Now I just walk - have no cartilage left in my left knee. Trying to delay knee replacement. But it's so nice meeting you and thanks for encouraging those of us who really need it.

Jingle said...

amazing take...
love the smiles.


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