Friday, April 15, 2011

L~ Life and Death in Shanghai

Who do you think of when you think of a hero, someone you admire and would love to meet? One person that always comes to mind in Nien Cheng. A phenomenal women who stood for what she believed in under conditions that most men and women would have crumbled.

The book Life and Death in Shanghai written by Nien Cheng is one of my all time favorites. It was a required reading book in my oldest sons history class in high school. He suggested we read it. One by one the book has been passed around our family and on to friends. It has traveled from Texas to Hawaii to China and recently returned from Spain. It is well worn and I hope many more people will read her amazing story of strength, courage, and standing for what you believe in.

After reading this book, I was so inspired I decided to locate Nien Cheng and try to contact her. I was successful and wrote her a letter letting her know how much her life and courage inspired me.  I also told her that two of my sons were able to travel to China after reading the book which added so much more meaning to their trip, especially as they stood on The great wall of China and visited Beijing.

I was thrilled when I received a letter back from her. At the time she was 91 years old, eloquent in her response and even sent me her e-mail address!
This is a women I would have loved to sit and have tea with and consider a hero. I am so thrilled to have this well worn book and her letter she so graciously took the time to write to me.

                        Life and Death in Shanghai~ a must read!


Retired Knitter said...

I went right out to amazon and put it on my reading list. It looks very interesting.

Elayne said...


kimberly said...

Now I wanna read this...bookstore here I come. ALways on the look for good books. Thanks!


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