Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Radiation to begin...

Today Chris and I met with my new radiologist. We had worked with him some in the past with my former doctor who has moved to Dallas. We were both surprised at the extensity of what he suggests for the radiation. We thought it would primarily be aimed at the tumor in the chest wall. However, they will plan to radiate the chest wall, under the arm,and up my neck. A much larger area than we expected.One area that will be in the path of the radiation is my lungs. We spoke to him about setting the beams to minimize the effect on the lungs. He said we would go over the plan with us before we begin and there is a 10% chance of damage to the lungs.
The reason for radiating this larger area is to hit the surrounding lymph nodes as these are the pathways the cancer will take to spread from the tumor. He wants to get ahead of it vs. chasing after it.
We are looking at about 6 weeks of treatment, every day Mon.-Fri.It could be longer or shorter depending on what my oncologist wants to do on his end.I meet with the radiologist again Thursday to get my initial set up. Treatment should begin next week.
We also meet with my Onc. on Thursday and already have a lot of questions.I am afraid they are talking chemo again and at this point I just don't know what to do. My first experience with chemo ( which ENDED Feb. 15th 1999) was not a good one, to say the least.Exactly 11 years ago I thought this was over.
As Chris and I sat in the waiting room, it was unusually crowded. I looked around at everyone in wheelchairs, bald, weak, and just hanging on and remembering how that once felt. Listening to their conversations about who had been married the longest with the winner being 57 years and how this was not how they planned this part of their life. I whispered to Chris~ "we are not supposed to be here". I guess, everyone feels that way.
This is obviously not where Chris and I have chosen to be or want to be but it is where we are and all we can do now is hang on tight to God and trust.
I will know more after Thursday of what the big picture for treatment will look like. Please pray for wisdom, discernment and healing!


Racn4acure said...

Bringing back memories of the chemo room, Elayne. it all sounds awful and scary. But we have to fight on to live another day. The thought of lung damage is terrifying, I know. My sister got bad but not unexpected news this week. The chemo was ineffective on her abdominal tumors, so they finally decided to biopsy. She will know for sure what they are - more metastasized breast cancer or possibly lymphoma - by the end of the week and then will start a new chemo since this last one was ineffective. Hang in there. Too damned much cancer out there. Thinking of you. Art

kimberly said...

I don't think there's anything I can say to bring you any comfort. You have quite the formidable opponent, one which you already know well.
Know these things....

God is with you.

You're a strong fighter
and woman.

So many people are inspired
by the above qualities and
are all praying to God on your

May our God of peace and healing show himself to you and your family.

Many warm Blessings~


CLM said...

There is too much cancer out there. I am praying for you girl and for the entire family. Love you so much and wish, praying for the best.

Tammy said...

Dear Elyane,

I am sorry that you have to go through this again. You are a strong fighter. We will be praying for you.

Tammy, Harold, Brian & Jeffrey

Elayne said...

Art~ continuing to pray for your sister. You are right... to damned much of it!

Thank you everyone for your prayers!


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