Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 1.....

Today was day 1 of radiation. The first day is always longer as they get you all "lined up" and ready. I got 2 more tattoos and a bunch of red pen marks all over me. I will have 3 weeks ( 15 treatments) the way the machines are set right now. Then another week and a half at a different setting. So, it looks like 4 and a half to 5 weeks total. 1 day down! I am already applying pure aloe vera gel on the areas because they are anticipating my skin to be pretty raw.

Some new updates; I will start the Tykerb either tonight or tomorrow. The dose is 5 pills at once. I asked to start lower and work my way up to five since I am so sensitive to meds. My Onc. said it was fine to start with 3 for this week and then go up each week from there. Now, I just have to swallow them :)

I had blood work done to make sure it is ok for me to take the xeloda( chemo).The test checks for certain genes which apparently if you are missing them you can't take this drug. This also allows time for me to get used to the tykerb first while waiting for the results and arrival of the xeloda.

After talking all this over with my onc. we have decided to have me on these two medications for 6 months, check scans at 3 months and if all is ok at 6 months consider taking me off them.

My blood pressure has gone back up again so we have decided to have me go back on the beta blocker to see if that helps. He thinks it is stress, I agree with that but I also noticed it going up when I began arimidex. So, we'll see.

A helpful Hint: my sister-in-law sent me a book on CD. I took it with me today for the 40 minute drive there and back. It really helped to listen to the story instead of feeling nervous about everything else. One CD gets me there and back! Thanks Cindy :)

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CLM said...

I am praying for you Elaine. Praying that your faith and confidence will be so strong to get you through this. You have a lot of people that love you and are pulling for you. I am always here day or night.


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