Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Started....

Ok, I found out this morning that they will finish simulation AND begin radiation tomorrow ( Thursday). I thought it was going to start on Monday so I was surprised when they told me tomorrow.But, it doesn't really matter. Get started, get it over with.

The decisions Chris and I have made regarding what my doctor has recommended are;
1) Radiation ( around 6 weeks or so, will know more tomorrow). I go Mon-Fr, everyday.
2) Tykerb- I received this medication by mail this morning, so I am sure they will begin me on that tomorrow. This is the treatment for the Her2+ cancer cells. Oral med.taken daily.
3) Xeloda- this is the chemo drug that I have decided to try. It is an oral medication taken every day as well.
4) continue with the Arimidex and Lupron shots to treat the hormone (ER/PR +)cancer.

I have been researching the new drugs and have found that Tykerb and Xeloda taken together show good results. Also the Xeloda ( chemo) taken at the same time as radiation increases the effectiveness of the radiation. So, those are the reasons I have decided to try this chemo.

There are MANY potential side effects between these 3 treatments.With the 2 that are orally taken, there is room for adjusting the dosages to minimize the side effects. My biggest prayer request right now is that I can tolerate these 3 new treatments with little to no side effects. I have in the past done well with radiation and it proved to be successful, so I am praying for the same results again.
I have NOT tolerated chemo well in the past but everyone assures me this is not as harsh as what I had 11 years ago and they have come so far with dealing with the side effects.Many of you have asked how long do I take the chemo for? My doctor said as long as it is working. Chris and I have decided for me to take it through radiation and my next set of scans and then reassess weather to remain on it or not.

After radiation tomorrow I have to have a blood test and meet with my Onc. We still have MANY questions for him before starting the new meds. which I hope to have answered and feel more comfortable to move forward. Your thoughts, prayers & encouragement are very much appreciated as I deal with this part of my life.


Racn4acure said...

I know my sister took Tykerb and I think the Xeloda also. She had some unpleasant side effects but said that it was nothing like her first chemo regimine (Adiamycin aka the Red Devil aka Jonestown Coolaide as I called it and cytoxin in combination). She was too tired to work during it, but also she took these after like 8 straight months of other chemos (starting with the red devil, etc. she did radiation separately after that, and I think after a mastectomy. I can't remember the exact sequence. Take it a step at a time and stay strong and positive. When I first learned I had cancer, but did not know what type yet, I wrote this on a sign and pasted it on my bathroom mirror: "I am a Warrior and will defeat this thing that is attempting to kill me." I read that at least a few times a day as it was hard to miss on that mirror. Hang in there. Thank God we are living now with treatments rather than 30 or 40 years ago. Art

Anonymous said...

Kimberly Luvs Keith
Always thinking and praying for you.

Karen Galban
Praying for you!

Phil Drasner
you are always in my toughts, prayers and heart!

Anne Eruzione
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. You truly are an inspiration. You are such a strong person. Keep us posted.



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