Monday, June 2, 2008

Your job right now is to rest,heal and get better.....

These are the words I am fortunate enough to hear from my husband. However MANY women also fighting breast cancer do not have this option along with good insurance, family, friends, church and community support. I thought about this as I was sitting in the waiting room with a friend this morning at the cancer center waiting for my PET scan and seeing the faces of so many people all in this same situation.
Many are not able to see a counselor to help them work through the decisions, fears and anxieties of going through a cancer diagnosis and treatments. Some do not even have the resources to get to their treatments, purchase wigs when they loose their hair or get their needed medications. Some are single parents trying to raise kids alone while going through this and holding down a job. God has blessed many of us that these are not the situations we face. Some do not even know God.
In 5 days I will run the Race For The Cure for these women and all women fighting breast cancer. Please help and remember what they and their families are going through. Please keep them in prayer and if you would like, make a donation of ANY amount. The money raised goes directly to women in need right here in my surrounding communities.
Thanks to all of you that have already made donations and sent encouragement and prayers, I appreciate it! Below is the link to my Race page, it is also located on my blog above the map if you have trouble with this link.


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Dana said...

Hello Elayne,
I just wanted you to know I've been reading ur blog from day to day and my prayers are with you for you to get well soon.I know you can do it.from your big brother Dana,be strong
I love you


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