Saturday, June 14, 2008

Well, that didn't work!

As I wrote in the previous post I had a Zometa ( for strengthening the bones) treatment on Thursday which is administered by IV. I was not supposed to have any side effects but.... I had many if not all the "uncommon" side effects.
Around 7 pm I began to feel very fatigued, almost lethargic. Then at 2 AM I woke up feeling horrible. Best way I can describe it is like having a bad case of the flu after being hit by a bus. This was not fun and lasted all day yesterday, and until 5 am this morning when I woke up feeling bad again. Today I feel better but still weak and my body still hurts. The nurse has me alternating Tylenol and Advil every 4 hours.
So... it appears I will not be taking the Zometa anymore. Some of the more serious side effects are that it can damage your kidneys and deteriorate your jaw bone. Based on how sensitive I am to meds and the reaction I had after one treatment I just don't feel I can take that chance with this medication.
I was unable to finish the 2nd part of my stress test yesterday as well as having to miss the "mission moment" with Team In Training this morning where I was supposed to speak to a group of runners preparing for 1/2 and full marathons to share my story and Jim's. Both will be rescheduled soon.
Have a good weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's!


ann said...

Every cancer patient is unique, but as a metastatic breast cancer patient who has benefited for the past 4 years from Zometa, I urge you to consult with your oncologist before rejecting Zometa after one infusion. My bone mets were literally through all parts of my skeleton. Like you, I felt pain and fatigue in the beginning, but things got better. I assumed the pain was the medicine working to attack my cancer. I have had a complete response to the Zometa and have had no evidence of cancer in my skeleton on Pet Scans. This journey is not easy. I wanted to send this message to you to offer hope.

Elayne said...

Hi Ann~ thank you so much for taking time to write. I will discuss the Zometa further with my doctor. I really wanted it to work as there are promising results from studies and of course people like you.
I am very glad to hear that the Zometa has worked so well for you. I figured my body was just reacting poorly to it as I have had complications with many medications.
You are correct, this journey is not easy and I don't know many other people on it. I would love to talk to you by e-mail. If you would be interested, send me another post and we can work that out.
Thanks again for your message~Elayne

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Friend,
Look forward to your news of you and your family. I couldn't help but also write and ask you to again consider the Zometa. I know you had a rough bout with it the first try. I hear that so many do. I did tell you that Gene's dad is still getting the Zometa treatments and he is into what I think is the sixth month. He is doing great. At age 76 you couldn't ask for more as he has stated. I know everyone is different, but he did say that he felt the same way in the beginning and as time went by those particular side effects went away. He has also had no problem with kidney studies. So buck up sister and get back on that Zometa horse if you can and prayerfully that glue will work. Love you, Diane.


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