Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going over test results with Doctor A

Today's visit with my oncologist went well. He went over all the test results with us and like the nurse said last week everything looks good! No signs of spread or new areas affected.
I know some of you have asked or may be wondering since the tests came back not showing any new cancer and the rib and spine are showing healing "do you still have cancer"? The answer is yes ( I asked today too :).
We will continue on as we have been with the hormone treatment which includes taking tamoxifen daily and keeping me in a medical menopause. I was supposed to get a Lupron injection today ( this is how they put you in menopause) but the doctor felt like I had enough so the injections have stopped.
I did however go ahead and get my first Zometa treatment which is given by IV in about 15 minutes. This strengthens the bones, helps with pain from the damage the cancer did to the bones but also they have done studies that show it helps with the metastasis of the cancer in the bones. In other words may help stop or slow the cancer from spreading in the bones.
Our hope and prayers are that we have "put this cancer to sleep" for a very long time. What we do know is that God can heal ~ I will wait for the Lord to help us.. My only hope is in Him.
Isaiah 8:17
Tomorrow I have my last test of 6 at the cardiologist which is the treadmill part of the stress test. I will see him on Monday for those results. I return to the oncologist in 3 months for some scans, blood work and to meet with him. Otherwise, I go once a month for Zometa treatments.
Please pray that this last test goes well and there are no side effects from the Zometa I received today.
Thanks everyone~ Elayne

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