Monday, June 16, 2008

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The other day I wrote about the effects that the Zometa had on me last week and I received a couple of comments from people urging me to talk with my doctor and consider continuing the treatments.I will definitely talk to Dr. A about it as well as pray about continuing.

Because one of the comments was from someone I do not know but truly appreciated her encouragement, it made me think about others that may be facing all of this and decisions about what medications to take or not to take. We are all so different and some things work well for one person and not well for another. With that said, I would never want to discourage someone else that may be following my journey because I had a bad experience. I typically do not tolerate medications well. I think the Zometa itself is a very promising drug for people with metastatic cancer in their bones.

I have had cancer now for almost 10 years and one thing I have learned is to listen to your body and that sometimes we have to go through some tough treatments but we are ultimately the one 's that have to make the final decisions on what to do. I have said yes to some and I have also said no to others. My cousin Robin told me "There are no right or wrong answers here". You just have to make the best decisions you can based on the information you have at the time and PRAY DILIGENTLY!
Ann & Diane~ thank you both for your words of encouragement. Ann, I left you a message in the comments from the last post.

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