Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Race For The Cure!

Saturday was the Race For The Cure. We had a fantastic time and a great race. Chris, Cindy and myself all ran the 5k race (3.1 miles) together. Kevin was kind enough to get up EARLY with us and come take pictures. These first pics are of us arriving and jogging to warm up before the race.
It was cloudy so the heat was not bad until the very end when the clouds broke ~ then it was hot. After the race they had all the Survivors line up and go on stage for survivor recognition and to remember those that have lost this battle.
I was able to run this race in a personal best time and together we raised $715 in less than 4 weeks! Thanks everyone for the support, prayers and encouragement!


What's Going On... said...

WOW! Ya'll are awesome! Glad it went well!

Nikki said...

You look so beautiful, Mama M! You look very happy! Congrats on your time!
I love you!!!!
Your daughter ;-),


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