Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Facing Friday

Six more month's have come and gone and it is that time again for labs, testing and my semi annual meeting with my oncologist.

I will be having a PET scan which is the test I tend to have trouble with. The 24 hours prior requires you to have no sugar, caffeine or exercise. Then no food or drink after midnight.
The lack of food and caffeine triggers migraines for me. This will be the first PET scan since the changes I have made eliminating foods that cause inflammation.

Although I still have some headaches, I have not had a migraine for a while and the headaches are reduced tremendously. We will see how this plays out on Friday.

I will have my lab results and PET results on Friday when we meet with Dr. A. The tumour marker tests take a bit longer to get back so I will have to wait on those.

The last testing came back showing "No evidence of disease", however, the tumour markers were elevated.

We will be praying for NED once again and for all labs to be in "normal" ranges. We would love to have you join us with your prayers, thoughts, well wishes, fingers and toes crossed!!

I feel unusually calm so far, only moments of worry now and then. Keeping my time busy with swimming lessons, Liam and watching the Olympics is helping! I know that God gives me the peace and comfort through all things.

This testing will mark 5 years as a Stage 4 cancer survivor...Facing Friday with Faith.


Michelle said...

Praying for you!!!



Anonymous said...

Susan Murphy Perrotti~ Good luck !! Your an amazing lady!!

Amy O'Neill Hawk~ Said a prayer. Awaiting NED & "normal" results with you.

Kimberly Phillips Barillas~Praying for good tests!

Donna Smith King~ Will be praying for great results!

Julie Witsen~ Lots of prayers n hugs coming ur way

Diane Heathcock~ Always my dear friend. :o)

Jeffrey Sherwin~ I know I have a tough sister, your tests will be fine.

David Minich~ In my opinion you have already passed all the tests. So glad facebook allows us to keep in touch and follow your progress You are always in our prayers, wish we could come see you.


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