Monday, August 13, 2012


 First up is an MRI of my brain TOMORROW at 1:00, followed by my monthly faslodex injection.

My PET scan is being looked at today,  the doctors will now  decide about the biopsy on my lung. Hope to know that answer tomorrow when I am up there.

 Todays fun~ decompression therapy....not exactly the 2 week break I was hoping for :( but....

               With faith, there is always hope. God can move mountains. ♥


Racn4acure said...

I am saying a little prayer right now.

The last time I had a scan of my brain, the doc said that there would be no charge. He felt guilty charging me for something they couldn't find! ;^)


Anonymous said...

Susan Murphy Perrotti Xoxo

Beth Gelerman thinking of ya. hard.

Diane Heathcock We want to hear ASAP!!! On our knees dear lady. Lifting Chris up too!

Emy Spaeth Storms praying!

Dana Renda my prayers going out to You sis,hoping all will be ok love you

Donna Smith King Praying for good results!!!!

Angie Weeks Praying for you.
ra Willis Carter Hope it went well. praying

Anonymous said...

Elayne Minich Thank you all for your prayers...I definitely feel them at work since the time we asked for prayer support :)

Diane Pfiester Morgan You and Chris as well as your whole family will be in my prayers all day long. May God strenthen you and yours with His unconditional love and mercy.

Valarie Holman Praying!

Emily Joy Minich Many prayers said to a loving Lord for you and yours, Elayne.

Amy O'Neill Hawk Thank you for keeping us updated Elayne!!! Praying for you guys!! By the way, Mya sings the motor boat song & does her scoops walking around the house. Thank you for being such a great teacher. :) love you!!

Barbara Spinks Praying for you Girlie!!

Janine Graves Elayne, I'm praying for you.


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