Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tumour Markers changed everything....

Needing prayer warriors...if you don't mind keeping Chris and I in prayer.

My original tests did come back looking good, however there was a small amount of fluid on my lung. My Onc. did not feel it was enough to biopsy and with my scan looking fine otherwise, he said to just check it in 3 months with an xray.

That was before my tumour marker results came in. They are high, very high. Now the fluid needs to be checked. Two doctors are being contacted to give their opinion on whether they feel they can safely (risk of collapseing my lung) get the fluid for a biopsy. If they say yes, then that is the next step. if they so no, I have no idea what is next.

With my history of headaches, they may also be ordering a brain scan. The lung is the primary concern right now.

I guess the specific prayer request would be for discernment for all the doctors on weather or not to do a biopsy, and if so that this procedure goes well, without complications and that the fluid does not show any cancer. Or better yet, that the fluid is gone altogether.

Also prayers for Chris and I as we are having a hard time wrapping our heads around this again and could use your prayer support.
Will update when I have more news.
Thank you friends & family

Closing with something that brings so much joy to my heart, a picture of my grandbaby boy.


Anonymous said...

Of course you !!

Praying for y'all! Xoxoxo... love you!

You and Chris are in our prayers

Always always Elayne. You have been in my daily prayers since you came back into my life years ago. So....instead of prayer going up for you once a day, they will be going up ten times more each day. Our love to both you and Chris.

Elayne...praying God's mercy and grace on you.

Praying praying praying!

Praying for you precious elayne! God has you in HIS hands - the safest place to be!

praying for you! Christie

Of course Elayne! Thank you for allowing me to pray for you regarding this. Love you sweet friend!

Elayne, praying for you and, hugs, and prayers being sent.... Shannon

Praying for you guys....Lucy

Praying Elayne.... Sorry to hear of all these details... Emy

Praying for you, Chris, your family, and the medical team. If you need anything let me know. I pray God will replace the anxiety with peaceful calm.

Praying for you today. Gwen

Anonymous said...

Praying! Praying!! Love, Alisha

Racn4acure said...

Dear Elayne - Yes, prayers on the way. Looking at that little boy's picture, you have so much to live for. Stay strong, stay courageous, stay positive. Art

Noelle said...

So sorry, Elayne. I am praying for you....

Anonymous said...

Dawn Marie Demet I will surely keep u in my prayers. Im sorry u have to walk this path, its so draining and frustrating. We must keep the hope, but at times its so hard.

Nikki Marie Minich Oh mama. I'm so sorry to hear you have to go through more scans, tests, waiting, and worrying. We are praying all the time...little man included! We love you so much. Let us know when or how we can help.

Judy Minich Byington praying Elayne. You have had enough....

Jeffrey Sherwin Surely your Sherwin warrior spirit is being tested again. I KNOW how tough you are and I KNOW you will get through this. You are always in my thoughts and prayers my little sister and God will get you through this. Luv ya.

Anne Eruzione Elayne, I am so sorry you have to go through this, you are always in my prayers!!

Julie Witsen Prayers coming ur way with all the love n support u have u will be fine :0)

Dana Grubb Weart Will pray for you today

Dena Baskin Your uncle and I are sending warm thoughts your way. We have our fingers crossed for good results.

Cindy L Minich Praying for you Elayne.


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