Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today's Biopsy

Thank you everyone for the prayers today. The short version of today is...It was kind of rough...they removed about 32 oz. of fluid from my lung.... kept me for observation doing a series of xrays to make sure the lung had not been hit or is hard to take deep breaths...but I am home now and on rest for 24 hours :) Chris was by my side every moment that he could be. Please continue to pray as we await the results. 

Waiting for me when I arrived home was a wonderfully clean house, thank you Maria! And some goodies from my  son...Thank you Matt ♥ 


Anonymous said...

Karen Galban ‎((hugs)) and prayers sent !

Steve Robertson Like 32 oz?

Elayne Minich yes, it was a lot...and gross!

Emy Spaeth Storms Praying!

Amy Galban Prayers and hugs!

Barbara Spinks Bless your heart , praying.

Susan Murphy Perrotti Xoxoo!!!! Stay strong! Prayers right to you..

Cindy L Minich Wow, that is a lot of fluid. Praying!

Meredith Baskin Segal Hope you are on the road to recovery soon!!! Thinking about you!

Traci Davis Your a survivor and a fighter you got this!

Barbara Murphy Praying for great results ! You are so brave !

Amy O'Neill Hawk Wow!!! You are my hero Elayne!!! You still have a smile on your face!!! You're a true Champion!!! Love you!!!

Julie Witsen Get well soo my friend I love ya big hug coming ur way

Angie Weeks Wishing you a very quick recovery!

Jessica Uretsky Grandpa called with updates. Been thinking of you

Jonna Wilson Bless your heart! Take care! Praying!

Stephanie Bromley ‎2 cups of water on your little table?! Well all that water has to go somewhere! :D hehehe :)

Diane Heathcock Did you swallow too much water while teaching those little ones? Just kidding Elayne. You know that we are in earnest prayer for you and also lifting your sweet sweet family. I know you need your rest, but please keep all of us updated. Where two or more are gathered you know. Love you dear friend.

Rebecca Albergo Minich Sorry or what you're going through! Praying for God to grant you strength and comfort now.

Dana Grubb Weart Praying

Teresa Sherwin We send our love & hugs please feel better!

Robin Myers Not fair - but your sill too cute

Tammy Uretsky take good care

Janine Graves I'm glad you're home. I'm praying for you.

Melissa Prasatik been praying. will keep doing so!

Marcy Berry O'Hickey Thinking about you Elayne and praying for you!

Barbara Minich will do. glad you are home.

Julie Witsen Matthew ur awesome it's so nice hah

Amy O'Neill Hawk Those oreos look so yummy!!!! Go Matt!!!

Mike and Christie said...

That is a huge amount of fluid! I thought it was a "spot"! :/


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