Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Cancer....

photo found on a facebook page of a little boy, Jonathan, fighting liver cancer, also stage 4

 Friends and Family.... my tests and labs are all fine! Just waiting for the tumour marker results. The PET scan looked good. The one area of concern is some fluid on my right lung. It was there last time ( 6 mo.ago) and has increased slightly. Dr. A says there is not enough to do a biopsy. He said it could be from all the damage from the radiation and there is nothing else surrounding the area to indicate cancer, but we have to watch it.. I will have a chest x-ray in 3 months to check it again.
The day of testing went better than it ever has. I felt calm, did not have any problems with migraine's or even a headache! Much, much better!

Dr. A continue's to remind me that my situation is not ordinary, or as he put's it "your just weird"!  I think he encourages me with how well I have done so far without letting me forget the reality of this disease at this stage.He mentioned a new chemo that will be out soon that is showing promising results for people who are HER2+. He said, "I hope we don't have to have that discussion but it is another tool in our back pocket".
I mentioned that it has now been 5 years since the Stage 4 diagnosis...he gave me a hug and said "I love you guys"!

 Thank you Lord...thank you prayer warriors, friends and family :)


Vicky said...

So glad to hear you continue to beat the beast back Elayne- Keep on- keeping on! Love the photo- may have to use that one myself :)

Racn4acure said...

Hi there Elayne - I am pleased that you keep plugging away, living life, and doing pretty good it sounds. Enjoy each day! Art

Anonymous said...

FaceBook messages~

Alisha Mason Brannan Praise the Lord!! So exciting!!

Jeffrey Sherwin See, I told you I have a tough sister.

Kimberly Phillips Barillas yay!

Karen Galban So happy for you guys!

Anne Eruzione Thank God, enjoy your weekend Elayne!!!

Traci Davis This is huge wonderful news!

Diane Heathcock Now relax!!

Susan Murphy Perrotti Such great news! I told you!!

Melissa Prasatik Great news!!!

Barbara Spinks Yeah God !!

Mark Geahan Ye ha!

Heidi Asiaf Yeahhhhhh!!!!

Richard Minich Praise God!


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