Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No more Americano's for me :)

Today I woke up to no coffee in the house so I did what every serious coffee drinker does- went to Starbucks! I ordered an Americano ( very strong) and it was great. However I then checked my blood pressure a while later to find it had shot up to 145/95. This just falls under the "dumb guy" category :)
It has come back down now, however Chris and I have noticed that since last week after receiving my Lupron injection it has been climbing back up along with headaches. So, we are suspecting the Lupron/hormone changes.
After consulting with my doctors it has been decided that I will have one more test for my heart which is a CT angiogram. This test will take a good look at the arteries. The cardiologist feels more comfortable to give me the ok to train for a marathon after these test results.
I have been off the beta blocker for a couple weeks now and can't say I am sure it's the right thing as my BP is going up and I feel some chest discomfort.
With all this somehow, my running is getting better :) We usually run about 4 miles for our regular runs. Saturday, we went ahead and did 5 and are planning to bump up to 6 this weekend. We are not in training right now, so this is just to keep in shape for when training starts again.
Overall, I am feeling better than the last couple of weeks, but adjusting to changes with the meds always takes some time. Please keep this in prayer as I adjust to the meds., have the CT angiogram and for discernment. And as always~ for continued healing!
Thanks everyone~ Elayne

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Racn4acure said...

Keep hanging in there Elayne. We are all cheering for you. Art


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