Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Almost made it one week~

Well, I am back on the beta blocker ( Coreg) as of today. My BP was just getting too high again ( (145/93) and as you can imagine it is not a great feeling. I spoke to the nurse today and she said it will be a matter of getting the dosage right. I have either been too high or too low. This is the tricky part and hopefully this swinging back and forth is not causing any further problems to my heart.

Friday morning is my CT angiogram. Would appreciate prayer for this test, the results and getting the BP under control again.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support~ Elayne

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Anonymous said...

Dear Elayne,
We are praying for you, as always, and do hope you get better results and that your pressure gets leveled off!! You are such a wonderful person and don't deserve to suffer at all!! Stay strong and you are such an inspiration for everyone !We love you!!
Aunt Suzy and Uncle Burt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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