Sunday, December 21, 2008

test results

I received the CT angiogram test results a few days ago. I felt pretty confident that it would be ok and it was, my heart looks good. What I was not expecting was the test to note "multiple spots on the ribs and spine,indicating metastatic disease". However, it also refers to these areas as being in the "healing" stage. My nurse said sometimes there is more cancer than shows up on the scans and then begins to show up when it is getting smaller or healing. My tumor markers are slightly elevated, one in range one out of range, but they are slowly going back up, which is not great news. I have my next set of tests set up for January 13th & 22nd. My Dr. feels we need to be cautious and compare "apples to apples" meaning my last scans that were done in Sept. to the next set in Jan. Same tests done in the same place by the same people. Remember, the cta was focusing on the heart, not the cancer. So, we have to take another complete look again.

I would like to ask everyone to be in prayer over these next weeks for healing and for comfort. Our God is not a God of statistics, He is still a God of healing and miracles!

I am expecting the Lord to rescue me again, so that once again I will see His goodness to me here in the land of the living. Don’t be impatient. Wait for the Lord, and He will come and save you! Be brave, softhearted, and courageous. Yes, wait and He will help you. Psalms 27: 13-14


Anonymous said...

May our God , who is a God of healing, love and compassion, hold you tightly. Never give up, He never does.

Anonymous said...

Elayne you know we're here for you. Will be sure to lift you up in the days ahead. We have seen God's hand in all of what you have been dealing with since this all started. You're always in my prayers. Love you much. Diane

Lauren Reed said...

You are always in my prayers! God is using you in a tremendous way. Thank you for being such a shining light for all of those around you. God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Holiday and our prayers are with you. Charlotte


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