Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update's by Matt & Kevin Minich,Elayne's sons

Update on my mom Elayne Minich: surgeon came in today. We expected to have the tube draining the fluid from her lung taken out today (we've been expecting this since Sunday), however it appears the tube has not drained all the fluid and more has accumulated in the lower part of the lung. They believe the tube clogged too early on to effectively drain all the fluid and they are going to attempt the...
surgery again tomorrow around 3pm placing the tube closer to the current fluid build up. It is not uncommon for the procedure to take a few tries to be completely effective, but we ask for all your prayers so that this procedure is successful. This also means my mom will be spending more time in the hospital. Thanks for everyone's support it has meant a lot to the whole family.
The second update;this was yesterday Nov.7
Update on Elayne Minich: Mom is going into surgery a bit earlier than 3pm today, which is good, better to get it over with and get to healing! Should be in the next 10 minutes or so that they will come get her and roll her in to the OR. Please get the prayers going!

The third update; also from Nov 7
UPDATE ON MOM: she just got out of surgery and everything went smooth. They put a larger tube further in, in hopes of getting more fluid out and creating a better suction. She will be monitored a couple more days to see how it goes and hopefully sent home afterwards, but it's all up in the air depending on how well the tube works this time. Please pray that it works, the fluid is drained, and a quick recovery.

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Racn4acure said...

You're on my mind a lot, Elayne. Stay strong and stay positive. Art


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