Sunday, November 11, 2012


This is Kevin on Mom's profile. The surgeon came in this morning and said she can go home as long as the infectious disease doctor agrees. Mom has a bit of a fever and is short on breath. Over all she is doing better. The next big test is her xrays tomorrow morning. This will determine whether or not she will be released tomorrow. They still see some fluid on her lung and say it could possibly get infected and increase in volume or be absorbed by the body and go away. SO after the infectious disease doctor analyzes the lungs tomorrow we will know if she can be released. Please pray that all is well and she can come back home to the comforts of her home tomorrow.

Oh! And the doctor thought Liam was her son! This proves that exercise and a good diet does keep you looking young... ;)

Thank you.


Retired Knitter said...

Love it! I am sure that comment from the doctor made her day. Her healthy style of living has also probably helped her in the cancer fight! Praying for her and the family.

Better is Possible said...

Thank you for the updates. I can't imagine it is easy to do. Your mom does look so very young. What a lovely compliment from the doctor.
I continue in prayer for your entire family.


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