Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Biopsy and The Gaylord Texan!

We had lunch sitting in front of this sculpture and waterfall after the biopsy.
Thank you all for the prayers! The biopsy yesterday went fine, did not hurt at all :) Doctor took 2 samples and results will take a week or more. Your continued prayers while we wait for results are appreciated :)
Many of you suggested Chris and I go have a nice lunch after the biopsy yesterday. So, we chose The Gaylord Texan. Chris had never been so I thought this would be a nice place to go. Enjoy the pics!
Our table located right above the waterfall/pond.

Had to show Chris the giant guitar train track :)

We have already decided we are taking Liam here to see the trains when he is old enough to enjoy!

The landscaping in this place, inside and out is absolutely amazing!

Ended our time there with a late' watching this waterfall :) Good time after a stressful morning :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Faslodex to Biopsy

OK, friends and family. My doctors visit yesterday did not go so well. I went in for my monthly Faslodex injection and asked the nurse to take a look at a "rash" that had developed. I thought it was from a new swim suit I wore, but it has not gone away.It is in the same area of the original cancer, which is of course quite concerning. 
My Onc. is having me have another biopsy Tuesday morning. I have been trying to hold off on this post, but Chris and I need the prayer support right now. I will post more when I know.
Thank you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Six months at a time...

It's that time again.The next round of scans are scheduled. Although they are still 3 weeks away it feels so very close. This time, before the tests, is always difficult as the anxiety begins to grow. Never knowing what to expect or how your life may change in a day. The hope, as it always has been is in the Lord and we ask for your prayer support over these next few weeks and through the testing.

The tests will be as follows;
July 11~ bone scan, labs and chest x-ray
July 13~ muga scan
July 19~ PET scan and visit with my oncologist to go over all test results

I had been feeling really good over the past 6 months. However, the past three weeks have been challenging. Starting with a sore throat, fever, terrible body aches, dizziness and nausea. A trip to Care Now showed no infection, but fluid on my ears.They put on an antibiotic just in case.

I have now learned that Augmentin is a dug I will never take again. On to two weeks of stomach issues resulting in my Onc. taking me off my Tykerb to give my stomach some relief. Not quite there yet.

Next side effects, the body aches and fever come back and an infection leading to pelvic pain and more medication. know what happens now...yup, a 16 hour long migraine! And nope, the Imitrix nasal spray does not work for me. Phone call to my neurologist, told to take phenergin right away to prevent vomiting and back on to 3 Advil every 3-4 hours for two more days.

As of today, I am feeling better energy wise, still having headaches but not another migraine. Stomach not quite back to normal, but seems to be getting better. My doctors know what is going on and I will be relieved to get past this six months and on to the next six months at a time!

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers~elayne

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alice's Bucket List

Today I ran into a very special blog written by a 15 year old girl, Alice. This young lady is wise beyond her years and is also living with a terminal cancer.Her mum suggested she write down a "wish list" or "Bucket list" on her blog to share with family and friends. Well, it has reached far beyond her inner circle and is touching many lives all over the world. To read her story click on her link.

Her blog and "bucket list" made me question a few things as I have had mixed emotions in this area.

1) If and when creating a bucket list is right for a person facing a terminal disease?
2) If you do create this list, should you share it?
3) Is it a sign of giving up, or acceptance of the possible inevitable?
4) Should everyone create their own "bucket list" as none of us know what tomorrow will bring?

I think in my own silent way I have been chipping away at this list, I have simply called it a "goals" list. Not because I have felt a need to do as much as possible in preparation for an end, but more out of wanting to live my life to the very fullest I possibly can. No matter how long or short the time I have is. After all, do any of us really know when God will call us home and have we done what He called us here to do?

Friday, June 10, 2011

27 Years with my Husband & Best Friend!

Today Chris and I celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary! What a journey this has been. Starting out not much older than kids ourselves. Raising our 3 sons together, welcoming our daughters (in-law) into our little family and now anxiously awaiting our first Grandson, Liam James.
 We have been through a lot for a couple and a family over these last 13 years. However I can't imagine us being any closer than we all are. At just 32 years old, I first found a lump, 34 when it was finally diagnosed as Stage 3 breast cancer, 43 when it returned as Stage 4 Mets. and now I am getting ready to turn 47. A long journey for all of us.
My husband and I prayed all the time that we would live to be grandparents together. We have big plans for them, most of which include the lake!
Now that time has gone by so quickly and we find ourselves entering this new place in life and in our relationship we now pray to be Great-Grandparents together.
My husband has been my best friend, my partner in crime with all the adventures we love to take and the man that has stood by me and taken such good care of me through so much. I am very much still in love with my hubby!
                                      Happy Anniversary Chris
27 YEARS!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teaching & Training

I love this time of year! My schedule gets very busy but I like it that way. I have started my "Little Swimmers" swim lessons again this year and am having a ball with them! The change to teaching kids and getting in the pools is always fun and welcome. Here is a slide-show of many of them.
Click link and scroll down.

I train a wonderful group of Ladies in my "Group Fitness" classes and Personal Training. They work hard and are some tough women! Most of the classes are held outdoors, however we have been hit with extremely hot weather early in the season so we have all opted to move indoors to my home gym...much better! If you would like to see some of the fun things we do in our classes click link and scroll down to slide-show.

And Finally, we are about half way through the evening 5k Run class. I have to admit, I am kind of dreading running in this heat tonight but....I guess I have to go as I am the teacher :) My husband Chris has been coming out and running with the group. He is one of my "subs" and has been co-teaching with me. Last week I was sick with a sore throat, nausea and dizziness. Went to the Dr. to be sure I was ok. Just had a lot of fluid built up in my ears and sinus.
I love what I do and Thank God everyday for the people he puts in my life and the ability to continue on!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garden Days

We have gone very quickly from Spring to Summer here. Everyone is taking cover indoors with the AC or at the lake and pools!
Early spring, Chris and I were able to get my garden planted and it has done very well so far! This is my 4th year trying to have a green thumb in the garden and I had been getting very discouraged with the amount of work vs. yield from the garden in the past. I enjoy planting, caring for and most of all, getting to eat the herbs and veggies that I know are free of harmful pesticides and sprays for my health as well as for my family.
We decided to give it one more season, asked lots of people what they do, and it all came down to manure and humus. We added both of these to the organic soil and.... success!
Onions, on the right, were harvested today. Lots of red onions now!
The Harvest!

He's not real, BUT..we do have a bunny that lives in the backyard. Chris wants to shoot him,I won't let him :)

Lots of tomatoes ripening, almost ready!

Rosemary, mint, basil, thyme,parsley,lemon balm for herbs this year!

The squash and zucchini plants are huge and producing lots!


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