Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alice's Bucket List

Today I ran into a very special blog written by a 15 year old girl, Alice. This young lady is wise beyond her years and is also living with a terminal cancer.Her mum suggested she write down a "wish list" or "Bucket list" on her blog to share with family and friends. Well, it has reached far beyond her inner circle and is touching many lives all over the world. To read her story click on her link.

Her blog and "bucket list" made me question a few things as I have had mixed emotions in this area.

1) If and when creating a bucket list is right for a person facing a terminal disease?
2) If you do create this list, should you share it?
3) Is it a sign of giving up, or acceptance of the possible inevitable?
4) Should everyone create their own "bucket list" as none of us know what tomorrow will bring?

I think in my own silent way I have been chipping away at this list, I have simply called it a "goals" list. Not because I have felt a need to do as much as possible in preparation for an end, but more out of wanting to live my life to the very fullest I possibly can. No matter how long or short the time I have is. After all, do any of us really know when God will call us home and have we done what He called us here to do?


Garden Lady said...

I think I have to agree with you, I have a list but I don't really call it a bucket list. It's just a list of things I would like to do some day. Cancer was a wake up call, prior, I didn't really give it much thought about things I wanted to do someday...plenty of time to think about such things, but none of us really know when our days are done. I do try to live life to the fullest now.

Kim said...

great post...I have thought about a bucket list--but too busy living a life of NO regrets to have time to write one!
I do know that since cancer, I tend to not allow an excuse to stop me from doing something I want to do or possible scared to do!
Thanks for introducing us to Alice.


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