Friday, June 10, 2011

27 Years with my Husband & Best Friend!

Today Chris and I celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary! What a journey this has been. Starting out not much older than kids ourselves. Raising our 3 sons together, welcoming our daughters (in-law) into our little family and now anxiously awaiting our first Grandson, Liam James.
 We have been through a lot for a couple and a family over these last 13 years. However I can't imagine us being any closer than we all are. At just 32 years old, I first found a lump, 34 when it was finally diagnosed as Stage 3 breast cancer, 43 when it returned as Stage 4 Mets. and now I am getting ready to turn 47. A long journey for all of us.
My husband and I prayed all the time that we would live to be grandparents together. We have big plans for them, most of which include the lake!
Now that time has gone by so quickly and we find ourselves entering this new place in life and in our relationship we now pray to be Great-Grandparents together.
My husband has been my best friend, my partner in crime with all the adventures we love to take and the man that has stood by me and taken such good care of me through so much. I am very much still in love with my hubby!
                                      Happy Anniversary Chris
27 YEARS!!!!


Racn4acure said...

Aw, that is so sweet. Happy anniversary to both of you and many, many happy returns. That grandbaby is one more reason, as if you needed one, to keep that nasty sneaky cancer at bay. Art
PS: thanks again for the condolences on the death of my sister.

Garden Lady said...

Happy Anniversary!

Better is Possible said...

Happy anniversary to both of you. What an inspiration you are.

CLM said...

That is so precious. I love you both. You two have really made a great marriage and family. You have trusted God to lead you! I like that! Take care my friend and sister-in-law

Michelle Wun said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your positive energy inspirited your blogger visitors.

Wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris and Elayne. You're still a couple of newlyweds to us! Hee hee.
Love to all.

Diane and Gene

nutschell said...

Congratulations! 27 years is quite a milestone. Happy anniversary to you both. :Phere's to many more!


Kim said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary to you both!! My hubby and I will be celebrating our 25th next week...I never thought we would make it! (Let's just say...if it could be done wrong...we did it! But by God's grace and love, we are happier and more in love now than ever.) Again, Congrats!


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