Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garden Days

We have gone very quickly from Spring to Summer here. Everyone is taking cover indoors with the AC or at the lake and pools!
Early spring, Chris and I were able to get my garden planted and it has done very well so far! This is my 4th year trying to have a green thumb in the garden and I had been getting very discouraged with the amount of work vs. yield from the garden in the past. I enjoy planting, caring for and most of all, getting to eat the herbs and veggies that I know are free of harmful pesticides and sprays for my health as well as for my family.
We decided to give it one more season, asked lots of people what they do, and it all came down to manure and humus. We added both of these to the organic soil and.... success!
Onions, on the right, were harvested today. Lots of red onions now!
The Harvest!

He's not real, BUT..we do have a bunny that lives in the backyard. Chris wants to shoot him,I won't let him :)

Lots of tomatoes ripening, almost ready!

Rosemary, mint, basil, thyme,parsley,lemon balm for herbs this year!

The squash and zucchini plants are huge and producing lots!


Garden Lady said...

Your garden looks great. I have never had success with onions, yours look wonderful. It will be great to cook with all those fresh herbs. Can't wait till mine starts producing.

Kim said... I am green with envy...our garden was just recently planted...and we have at least 6-7 weeks before we can even think about a ripe tomato. Enjoy them for me! Great job on your gardening skills!

Elayne said...

Thanks Ladies :)
I am so happy to have a good garden this year. However, the heat is beginning to take it's toll :(
Happy Gardening to you both!


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