Friday, May 27, 2011

Two weeks and a lot of catching up to do..

Since this post was a draft back from Mothers Day, I guess I will begin here.   Mothers Day this year began with a dozen red roses and coffee in the morning from my hubby. A perfect start to the day.
We headed off to church with my oldest son Tim and his fiancé' Stephanie. My middle son Kevin, and his wife Nikki surprised us by joining us at church. Meanwhile,my youngest son Matt stayed home and prepared everything for a BBQ and cleaned up the house. Not bad for a bunch of guys!

After we ate I had a few gifts to open up and I realized that they know me better than I thought and they pay attention to the little things you think are not noticed.
Matt gave me a  basket with M&M's, crosswords, a coffee cup and bunny for my garden.
Kevin & Nikki gave me a purple butterfly, garden pad and purple gardening gloves.
Tim and Steph gave me a watermelon scented candle. Every gift was special and had meaning behind it.
I love spending time with my adult children  and can not wait to enjoy so many adventures with my first little grandson, Liam James.
We usually go for a Run on Mothers Day to celebrate the beginning day we started running, which is now 4 years ago.However,as we sat out back visiting with our kids we realized a couple of things. The moments to run are many, the moments to sit and visit with your adult kids are precious and few.From our conversations with them we also realized we are still leading and teaching them, just in a different way now. As it has always been, it is a privilege to be their mom.


Kim said...

Elayne--sounds like you had a great mother's day! I think spending time with my adult children is one of the greatest blessings! Yes, I wish we lived closer--it sounds as if we have so many similiar likes!
Enjoy your garden and your m and m's!
Blessings on your weekend!

Garden Lady said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother;s Day. Isn't it nice to be able to spend time with adult children, we have one that lives close one does not. I am sure you can't wait for that little grandbaby...some fun days ahead!


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