Sunday, June 27, 2010

The most beautiful Bike Ride in Brugge

Our next stop was back over the English channel to Belgium. We flew into Brussels, took a train to Brugge arriving around 9 pm. Right away, we realized we were once again in a country that English is not the language spoken but this time we did not have Tim. Spending time in Prague did help give us confidence and some skills to communicate. Most people can speak English well enough to help you.

The weather was much colder here than any place we had been so far. We were told the day before it was 40 degrees.Fortunately, the weather was absolutely beautiful today!
Our room here at this Bed & Breakfast is wonderful. Each place we have stayed has been very unique with its own character and this was no different.

We arrived late so we did not meet anyone until the morning. The breakfast room was one large table where everyone sat "family style". A fast way to get to meet the other guests.

We spent the morning walking all over Brugge with our first stop being the Bell Tower, where we climbed 366 very narrow steps to the top. There the view of the town square was awesome!

Next, onto find some chocolate and sit in the town square to enjoy! I got white chocolate/pistachio and Chris got dark chocolate/coffee. Delicious :)
Off to rent bikes and ride along the canals that run not only around Brugge but all the way to Holland! This is exactly what we did... a 26 mile bike ride ( round trip)from Belgium to Holland. A definite highlight of the trip and an unexpected country added in! We stayed long enough to have a cappuccino, take a few pictures, and then ride back.

Our son Tim told us when we  were in Brugge we had to try a beer called Hoegarden. Belgium is known for their beer, chocolate and waffles! As soon as we finished the ride we each tried a Hoegarden, and Tim was right.. very good!

The day ended with a Belgium waffle with bannana and chocolate syrup for dinner. I think we have covered all the bases here, next stop England!
  Beautiful Brugge!!

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CLM said...

What great pictures. I bet the bike ride was beautiful. I am so glad you guys are enjoying yourself and seeing the world!


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